Meet the new agent in VALORANT - Fade

Riot Games has officially unveiled a new agent for VALORANT - Fade. The developers also promised to talk in more detail about the abilities and skills of the agent before the start of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 Stage 1 Masters Reykjavík grand final.

It’s better not to meet people like Fade in a dark alley... but it’s not for nothing that you have been following her trail all this time, right?

On Sunday, April 24, at the Masters Reykjavík Finals stream, we'll be showing Agent Fade's gameplay and story trailer, while the VALORANT developers will go into detail about how they created this character.

During the final day of the tournament, fans will be able to watch Fade's gameplay and the character's cinematic debut. In addition, Riot Games will release interviews with developers who will likely tell the story behind the creation of the agent.

According to rumors, the heroine will receive reconnaissance abilities. Specifically, Fade will send out a creature that can follow trails or be mouse-controlled in any direction, blinding them when spotted. Also, the new agent will receive additional skills aimed at stunning and persecution.