Bacyx leaves Digital Athletics

Tolga 'Bacyx' Batsak announced on his Twitter account that he is no longer part of Digital Athletics. He did not tell about the reasons, but it became clear that the esportsman himself initiated the termination of the agreement with the club. He cited important personal circumstances as the reason. Now Batsak is not connected with the organization by any contractual obligations, and therefore began to search for a new organization in which he can continue his career.

The career of a professional player began in October 2020. On the 11th, he joined Sangal Esports, where he placed 5th-6th at First Strike Turkey and was rewarded with $1,025 with his teammates. Prior to this, the player was in various mixes and showed rather mediocre results at various events. On December 16, he left for 1907 Fenerbahce Esports. There he failed to achieve any success. At the end of May, the club sold him to Digital Athletics, where the esportsman was already able to achieve some success. With his teammates, he took the silver medal at VCT 2021: Turkey Stage 3 Challengers 2 and earned nearly $6,000 for the team.

The departure of bacyx left Digital Athletics with five players, four of whom are Turkish and one is French. Mert 'cacan' Kakan, Ahmet 'paz' Karahoka, Enjin 'ngiN' Kor, Beyazit 'beyAz' Körpe and Yejin 'MAJ3R' Kupeli will continue under the tag of the organization. Recall that the trio, consisting of paz, ngiN and MAJ3R, is known for their game under the Space Soldiers tag in CS:GO. Then the five, which included the aforementioned trio, were the strongest in Turkey and were practically the only representative of their country at international championships, including even Major competitions.

Current Digital Athletics roster