brax pauses professional career

brax has announced that it is putting its professional career on hold. The 25-year-old has made the decision to once again focus his efforts on his streamer career, as he tweeted.

“As much as I enjoy competing, I am thrilled to be back in the stream and be with my amazing community again. For those who ask where I have been, I found it imperative to take a step back and focus on my personal life and, in fact, to find my happiness again after a crazy year of ups and downs both in and out of the game. Unfortunately, at the moment this is due to the competition at the professional level, but I can not say that I regret it. I will be streaming from Monday Friday 8am to 4pm ET starting next week. I will probably experiment with night streams as well. Thank you for your continued support on this journey and I'm happy to take it to the next level and see where it goes because I know the possibilities are endless! ", - wrote the player.

brax is a well-known player in wide circles, since even during his performances in CS: GO, he gained notoriety for participating in a fake match with iBUYPOWER. However, in 2020, the 25-year-old American moved to VALORANT, joining T1. He spent almost a year with the team, finishing second in the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Invitational and the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown.

In February 2021, brax made the decision to retire, focusing on a streamer career. However, a few months later he was invited to the TSM squad, with which the player performed only in one qualification before moving back to the T1 camp. But here, too, the American did not achieve significant heights, finishing the last VCT 2021 for himself: North America Stage 3 Challengers 2 in 5-6 place.