SUYGETSU joins FunPlus Phoenix

FunPlus Phoenix team announced the signing of SUYGETSU. Recall that the 19-year-old Russian previously played for the forZe team.

Recall that the first talks about the possible joining of a 19-year-old Russian in the camp of the European team appeared in the middle of last month. Then the player went through the testing phase of the FunPlus Phoenix lineup. Now the team has officially begun the process of recruiting the roster, which needed additional additions after the departure of ShadoW and dimasick in August.

SUYGETSU has long been part of forZe. Together with the team of the 19-year-old, the Russian became the winner of First Strike CIS, LVP - Rising Series # 1, VCT 2021: CIS Stage 1 Challengers 3, VCT 2021: CIS Stage 2 Challengers 1 and VCT 2021: CIS Stage 3 Challengers 2. In addition, on the account of SUYGETSU the MVP medal of the VCT 2021: CIS Stage 3 Challengers 2, received in July this year.

However, in September, forZe decided to disband its roster, while SUYGETSU remained the only player ever to find a new home.

From now on, the roster of FunPlus Phoenix is as follows: