TENSTAR Nova Wins VCT 2021: Game Changers EMEA Series 1

The VCT 2021: Game Changers EMEA Series 1 tournament has ended. At the championship, which ran from September 27 to October 3, sixteen women's teams from Europe, the CIS and Turkey competed for a prize pool of € 20,000. The champion of the tournament was the TENSTAR Nova team, which in the grand final proved to be stronger than Rix.GG Lightning with a score of 3: 1.

The tournament for the future winner began with easy victories over STELLAR (2: 0), Valstars Gaming Female (2: 0) and The Originals (2: 0), which were enough to reach the grand final. In the decisive match, TENSTAR Nova dealt with Rix.GG Lightning, losing only in intense overtimes on the Bind map.

In turn, Rix.GG Lightning went a little more difficult tournament path to the final, overcoming Guild X (2: 0), SMARACIS Female (2: 1) and Oxxgen Esports (2: 1).

Results of VCT 2021: Game Changers EMEA Series 1