Review of the second day of RLCS Season 3 North America

We are glad to represent you the new rubric, wherein you will be able to read about the gaming day in American and European regions at Rocket League Championship Series Season 3.

Genesis 1:3 Atelier
(3:2, 1:2, 0:3, 0:4) 

The gaming day was opened by the confrontation between Genesis and Atelier. The first match was won by Genesis, but the next three were put into the money-box without any special problems by Atelier.

Genesis 3:0 SetToDestroy

Despite such easy score, the game didn’t seem to be like that absolutely. In the first match, Genesis made a comeback having won in the overtime. In the third match Klassux&Co had everything under their control and as a result, they finished the match with the victory. In the third map, everything was solved in the overtime, where Genesis were more collected.

Take3 3:0  SetToDestroy
(3:1, 1:0, 2:1)

Atter 45 seconds of the first match the server went down and the match was restarted. In the “new” first match it was calm first two minutes, but 4 goals were made in 50 seconds by two teams, where 3 of them were shot by Take3. In the second match, the chaos had started near the goal of STD in 100 seconds before the end of the map, but they struggled and the player of SetToDestroy had shot the auto-goal in a minute before the end of the map, as a result Take3 won the map. In the third map Take3 simply destroyed its opponent. The final score is 3:0.

Take3 2:3 Selfless Gaming
(5:4, 3:0, 0:4, 1:3, 1:2)

The first match between Take3 and Selfless finished with a score 5:4, where the final goal was shot in the overtime, Vince shot the 4th goal, when there was 0:00 at the timer. In the second match, Vince shot two fast goals and Espeon shot the third one in the middle of the match. Selfless seemed to become angry in the third match and put the match into its money-box. Dappur&Co showed their skill and took the game to the final map. In the 5th map Selfless made a comeback from a map score 0:2, as a result they proved to be the favorites of the whole tournament.

Denial 2:3  Selfless Gaming
(4:3, 0:2, 2:1, 0:1, 0:2)

The first map was won by Denial with a score 4:3 in the overtime having the advantage 3:0. The second map was won without any problems by Selfless. Further teams exchanged maps again. In the final 5th map the game was led by Selfless, which was confirmed by the score. The result - 3:2 for Selfless Gaming.