PSG eSports were invited to Rocket League Invitational

Northern Arena, that organizes Rocket League Invitational, announced that PSG eSports had received an invitation to the championship.

Paris Saint-Germain signed its Rocket League roster on September 22. Such cyber-sportsmen as Daniel «Bluey» Bluett, Thibault «Chausette45» Grzesiak and Victor «Ferra» Francal became its part. Three players previously used to play under the tag of Frontline but PSG eSports took the team under its wing and now, the cyber-sportsmen protect the honor of the eSports branch of the Paris football club.

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Rocket League Invitational will take place in Toronto, Canada on October 21-22. Eight participants will divide a prize pool in the sum of $30,000.

A prize pool will be distributed in the following way:

1st place — $12,000
2nd place — $7,500
3rd place — $4,000
4th place — $2,500
5th place — $1,500
6th place — $1,500
7th place — $500
8th place — $500