Gale Force eSports won RLCS Season 4 - Europe

4th season of RLCS is over, and in its result 4 more participants of the final part of RLCS were determined. Gale Force eSports became the champions of the division after winning Method with 4:3 score in grand final. They got money reward of $17,250.

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RLCS Season 4 - Europe tournament table is as following:

Place Prize Seed Team
1st $17.500 RLCS Season 4 Finals Gale Force eSports
2nd $13.750 RLCS Season 4 Finals Method
3rd $11.250 RLCS Season 4 Finals Mock-It eSports
4th $9.250 RLCS Season 4 Finals PSG eSports
5th $8.500 RLCS Season 5 FlipSid3
6th $8.500 RLCS Season 5 exceL eSports
7th $7.250 Promotion Playoffs Team EnVyuS
8th $7.250 Promotion Playoffs Team Secret

RLCS Season 4 – Finals will take place on November 10 – 12. Only the winners of ThrowdownTV: Rocket League Challenge Season 4 are left to be known, and they will get two last slots to the final part of the event. The prize pool of RLCS Season 4 – Finals is $150,000. The main prize will be $55,000 just like in the previous season.

RLCS Season 4 – Finals list of participants:

Ghost Gaming
NRG eSports
G2 Esports
Gale Force eSports

Mock-It eSports
PSG eSports
Australia #1
Australia #2