Bad Panda announced two more participants for The 2017 World Cup

The organizers of The 2017 World Cup informed that Team Brazil and Team Netherlands joined the competition for the title of World Champion.

CAIOTG1, Firefoxd and Haberkamper will play for Team Brazil, while Remco «Remkoe» den Boer, Jos «ViolentPanda» van Meurs and Niels «Nielskoek» Kok will represent the Netherlands team.

Currently, Remkoe plays for Northern Gaming, ViolentPanda for Gale Force eSports, and Nielskoek is the member of Cow Nose.

Previously, such teams as Team Finland and Team England were invited to the championship. JHZER, Mognus and Metsanauris will play for the JHZER, and Deevo, Doomsee and Bluey for Team England.

The prize pool for The 2017 World Cup is $5,000, that will be distributed among 16 participants from different countries.

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