Team Vitality wins the Dacia Spring Electric Tournament

The Dacia Spring Electric Tournament has ended. At the championship, which was held online from 21 to 24 April, eight European teams competed for a prize pool of €15,000. The winner of the tournament was Team Vitality, which in the grand final was stronger than the Dutch team suhhh with a score of 4:1 (2:1; 2:0; 1:2; 3:2; 5:3).

The French team started the championship with a victory over rumble bumblers (3:1). However, after that the team lost to suhhh (0:3) and fell into the lower bracket. Here Team Vitality outplayed rumble bumblers again (3:1) and made it to the playoffs.

However, in the semi-finals, the French lost to SMPR Esports (2:3) and again fell into the lower bracket. Here Team Vitality had to beat FC Multiculti (3:2), Karmine Corp (3:1) and SMPR Esports (4:1) to get to the grand final. In the decisive match, the French team took revenge on suhhh (4:1)Yu, thanks to which they earned €15,000.

Results of Dacia Spring Electric Tournament