This time without quarantine - Ubisoft announced a new event for Rainbow Six Siege

Just yesterday we wrote about a possible showing of a new game in the Rainbow Six universe. Well, we hasten to disappoint - there will be no announcements.

All this time, Ubisoft in their twitter hinted not at Rainbow Six Quarantine, but at the start of a new themed event. His name is "Apocalypse".

The plot is extremely simple and banal: the end of the world has come and the world has changed. Nature is dying, water and air are poisoned, and the survivors have strayed into two warring clans.

Players will be offered to join the keepers under the leadership of the Prophet or seekers of artifacts under the command of the General. The main goal of both groups is the last vine on Earth that can revive life.

The battle for the future will unfold in the updated Outback. The defenders will have to guard the fateful vine, while the stormtroopers will try to take it.