DAMWON Gaming wins Korean Open 2022 - Spring

The Korean Open 2022 - Spring has come to an end. At the championship, which was held online from March 19 to April 24, eight South Korean teams fought for a prize pool of $80,582, as well as rating points. The winner of the tournament was the DAMWON Gaming team, which beat T1 in the grand final with a score of 3:0 (Bank - 7:4; Border - 8:6; Clubhouse - 7:3).

The tournament for the future winner began with a confident performance in the group stage, during which DAMWON Gaming got ten wins in regular time and also suffered four losses. As a result, the South Korean team made it to the semifinals of the competition, where they confidently dealt with Team GP (2:1).

In the decisive match of the championship, DAMWON Gaming defeated T1 (3:0), thus earning $32,232 and the right to play at the Korean Open 2022 - Summer.

Results of Korean Open 2022 - Spring