Rumor: Rainbow Six Siege will have a new game mode

Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Siege is known for its deep strategy in both casual pub games and high-end matches. Data miners Benjamin and Lungu claim that the shooter's developers are going to bring something new to the game and will allow Rainbow Six Siege owners to feel more action and drive in their title. Ubisoft may add a new Team Deathmatch mode that could contribute to all of the above.

The developers have not yet commented on this rumor.

Lungu decided to limit himself a simple text message on Twitter. He drew attention to the fact that in this mode, users will not be able to exchange messages in the game, since the chat will be disabled. Benjamin, in turn, in order not to be unfounded, decided to clearly show how the game lobby will look like. The new Team Deathmatch mode can include maps such as Favela, Luna Park and Villa. In deathmatch, users will not be limited in the choice of operatives - all the characters have migrated from the standard game modes, of which there are seven. Although the dataminer was able to show how the lobby would look like, he still failed to launch the Team Deathmatch mode.

In mid-August, the first rumors about the appearance of a team deathmatch appeared. Ubisoft, during its AMA (ask me anything) session on the reddit forum, tried to answer all the questions, among which was about the Team Deathmatch mode. The developers of the title said that such a regime is planned, but refrained from any details. Unofficial sources claim that when playing Team Deathmatch, players will be left without branded gadgets of the selected operatives, and, in addition to the main weapon, additional weapons will be available for users in the form of grenades, C4 and others.

Earlier, we talked about the new High Caliber mode and a new Thorn operative in Rainbow Six Siege, the main feature of which will be the ability to leave explosive traps for its players. Together with the new patch, the Outback map and interface will be overhauled in the game. The developers will also change the characteristics of bulletproof cameras. Operative Finka's skills will not remain unchanged either. You can watch the developer's presentation and gameplay video review of the new operative here. Operation High Caliber will be released on November 23 this year.

We've also announced the likely release date for the next Rainbow Six title Extraction. You can read about it here.