The creators of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS to develop the universe of the game

On July 20, a video dedicated to the universe of the battle royale was published on the Battlegrounds YouTube channel. The seven-minute video is called "Recordings from Sanok", and the action of the video, as you might guess, takes place in the PUBG universe.

In the video, we are introduced to employees of a certain organization who are watching the next match on the "battlefield" via video chat. At this time, one of the squads is denied the tracking chips implanted in it. After that, the videoconference participant in charge of the "blue zones" is attacked. After the incident, the remaining observers have to report to their superiors, represented by PlayerUknown himself.

The video "Recordings from Sanok" is a continuation of the development of the PUBG universe. Previously, we were already shown information about the members of the squad, whose chips were out of order. It looks like the PUBG devs are serious about working on the lore of their battle royale.