VoliBEAR retires from esports career

VoliBEAR has decided to end his esports career, citing personal reasons. This was told by the Chinese club Infantry, for which the player played over the past year.

After many friendly consultations with the players, the club fully respects the wishes of the players. From now on, VoliBEAR, a former player of the eSports club Infantry, officially retires for personal reasons. Xiao Xiong started his PUBG career at 18 and is a veteran of the scene, leaving countless touching highlights on the pitch.

Since joining Infantry in June 2021, he has been quick to play with other players and battle his teammates. We thank VoliBEAR for his efforts and contributions while on the team. We wish VoliBEAR prosperity in the future.

VoliBEAR entered the scene in mid-2019 as part of Triumphant Song Gaming. Having become the winner of PUBG Continental Series 2: Asia and PUBG Global Invitational.S 2021 - Survival Tournament, the Chinese esportsman moved to TYLOO.

Together with the new team, VoliBEAR took part in the PUBG Champions League 2021: Spring, after which he joined Infantry. Here, the esportsman became the winner of PGL SUMMER CUP Week 2, and also got into the TOP-10 at PUBG Champions League 2021: Summer, PUBG Champions League 2022: Spring and PUBG Continental Series 6: Asia.

The current PUBG Infantry roster is as follows: