The ATA management announced on their Twitter account and other mass media that one e-sportsman left the PUBG roster. Korean player Kim 'WICK2D' Jin-hyun has become a free agent. It is not yet known where he will continue his career. Jun 'Ahcay' Hyun-wook, Yoon 'NEFiEX' Sun-bin and Jang 'Hwan2da' Hwang are now on the ATA roster.

WICK2D joined the esports organization on January 4th. Together with his teammates, he managed to take part in several events, but he did not succeed in any of them. He fought in the sixth season of the Battlegrounds Smash Cup, as well as PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: EAST ASIA Phase 1 - Event Match, PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: EAST ASIA Phase 1 and AfreecaTV PUBG League 2022 Season 1. In all of the above tournaments, he took 12th-18th place and did not receive any monetary rewards.

The club's management has not yet announced who will be able to replace the departed WICK2D.

Current PUBG ATA roster: