Mowzassa joined Laser Kittenz

Tiago «mowzassa» Rodrigues (Portugal) signed a full contract with Laser Kittenz esports club. The player will take tank position and will be the main opponent for Nicholas «skipjack» Rosada.

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Previously, Tiago «mowzassa» Rodrigues has been playing for Cyclowns. Being its member, he managed to win several tournaments of Go4Overwatch Europe series and take the second place on HND Overwatch Invitational I. When the roster started to lose condition, he left the team.

Laser Kittenz current roster:

Finley «Kyb» Adisi
Luís «Greyy» Perestrolo
Carl «crems» Aspehult
Ivo «Linepro» Kolev
Byeon «munchkin» Sang-Beom
Gun-ho «claris» Lee
Nicholas «skipjack» Rosada
Tiago «mowzassa» Rodrigues