Immortals reach full roster

The information appeared that Immortals, a Brazilian organization, signed contracts with two players for Overwatch discipline, Park Young «KariV» Seo and Koo «Fate» Pan-Seung. Also, Dong «Ookz» Wook Kim and Joshua «dzMins» Kim joined the team as a coach and a manager correspondingly.

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It should be mentioned that Athen «Aythen» Zhu and David «nomy» Ramirez who were replaced by the Korean esportsmen did not leave the organization but moved to the reserve to compete for the place in the main roster and create a healthy competition

Updated roster of Immortals:  

Christopher «GrimReality» Schaefer
Brady «Agilities» Girardi
George «Hyped» Maganzini
Stefano «Verbo» Disalvo
Park Young «KariV» Seo
Koo «Fate» Pan-Seung
Dong «Ookz» Wook Kim (coach)
Joshua «dzMins» Kim (manager)