Will Smith invested in esports organization

Lately more and more people from the media spheres are contributing to development of esports organization. Representatives of the classic sports contribute to esports more often, but Will Smith became one of a few people that get into the world of esports competition having no connection with regular sports.

Among the recent investment, the total sum of which was $46,000,000, was noticed Dennis Wong, a shareholder of the NBA club «Los Angeles Clippers», Stanford University and funds of the Silicon Valley.

It's worth noting that Will Smith's investment was not sole, but it happened with the help of Dreamers Fund, that is managed by the Japanese footballer Kuisuki Honda.

Gen.G is know in esports for their League of Legends and Overwatch rosters. The representatives of the esports organization reported that the received money would be used for a headquarter in Los Angeles and creating a youth academy for developing young talented players. The other pasrg of the investment will be used for marketing.