Virtus.Pro signed a player for Quake Champions

The representatives of Virtus.Pro organization informed their fans about signing a full contract with Alexey «Cypher» Yanushevsky who will play for the organization in Quake Champions disciplined. The contract has been signed for one year.

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Roman Dvoryankin, Virtus.Pro general manager, comments:

«The contract has been signed for a rather long period, and that will help Alexey feel himself confident and totally dive into a game. We’ve got one of the best players in the world, and now we are sure that we can stay in this discipline solid and lasting.»

Introductory words of the new player of organization:

« offered me conditions that are not worse that American teams offered. Besides, I had no desire to move, I wanted to stay in Minsk. I wouldn’t tell that I have always been for, but I know the history of this organization, and I like how it develops.»

Alexey «Cypher» Yanushevsky started to play on the professional arena in 2006, and managed to win about 50 tournaments during his career. It should be mentioned that Alexey also became the first champion of Quake Champions tournament - 125 FPS Sunday Cup #83.