Ufenok77 signed contract with Loko E-sports Team

On the official page of M19 organization, the information appeared about transfer of Robert «UFENOK» Fakhretdinov to the roster of a new esports subdivision of a football club Locomotive - Loko E-sports Team. At this moment, there is no information what happened to other FIFA players of the roster, Konstantin «STAVR» Girin and Artyom «AFANGESS» Afanasiev.

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Robert «UFENOK» Fakhretdinov is one of the best FIFA players in CIS. During his career, he managed to take the second place on ESWC 2013 and become the overall world champion according to WSVG 2015. Also, he took a lot of different prize places in regional and Russian tournaments, among them, we should point out the second places on Futbol TV CUP 2017 and OLYMP Trophy of RFPL for esports.

Previously, Robert played for TORNADO.ROX organization and football club Ufa.