Results of ESWC 2017 and IEO 2017 for Quake Champions

Recently, the tournaments eSports World Convention 2017 and Italian Esports Open 2017 ended.

ESports World Convention was played in Duel format, Gareth «GaRpY» Marshall, a British esportsman, became the champion of the event. He plays under Myztro Gaming tag. For paid efforts, he got the money prize of €5,000 and eSports World Convention 2017 champion title.

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The tournament took place on November 1 – 3 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The prize pool of the event was €10,000.

Prize pool distribution :

As for Italian Esports Open 2017, it took place on November 3 – 4 at The Esports Cathedral, in Lucca, Italy. The championship was played in Duel format. A German player Mercel «k1llsen» Paul won the event. As a reward, he got $5,000 Italian Esports Open 2017 champion title.

Prize pool distribution:

Place Prize Player Team
1st $5,000 k1llsen EURONICS Gaming
2nd $3,250 Vo0 SteelSeries
3rd $2,250 clawz Team 2z
4th $1,500 Av3k
5th-6th $1,000 cooller  
7th-8th $1,000 hal  

Interesting facts:

— Nikita «claws» Marchinskiy, current champion of the world in Quake Champions (Duel) discipline, participated in the event. He took 3rd place and was rewarded with $2,250. After winning Quake World Championship 2017: Duel Tournament he was rewarded with $100,000.
— One of the players, Aleksey «cYpheR» Yanushevskiy, played in the tournaments being ill.