Natus Vincere ex-CEO launches DMarket blockchain marketplace for in-game items trade

Co-founder of Natus Vincere Alexander Kokhanovsky is going to launch DMarket blockchain marketplace for trading in-game items. The developers insist that currently 94% of players just waste their time spending hours in their favorite games, and this project is going to fix these statistics.

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Vladimir Panchenko, CEO of DMarket, comments:

“The main problem that previously prevented us from the realization of what we have already done was the technologies. To ensure the work of universal platform, it’s necessary to synchronize hundreds of thousands database after each trade. To solve this problem, we will use decentralized blockchain database.”

All transactions will be made in one click followed by immediate synchronization. The security of transactions will be provided by blockchain, the architecture of which has been developed by Andrey Khavruchenko, the developer of DASH cryprocurrency. The developers will be able to integrate their games with DMarket via API, giving the additional stimulus to their players.

The main currency for the platform will be DMarket Token, and it will be possible to exchange it for other currencies. The presale of tokens will start on August 17, and last for 72 hours. A full launch of the platform is scheduled on 2018.