Lifecoach signed a contract with Evil Geniuses

The information appeared that Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy had signed a full contract with the eSports club and had become the first player to receive a professional contract participating in the discipline Gwent. Adrian will participate in various tournaments and qualifications to championships and while there are not so a lot of them - he will stream under the Evil Geniuses banner.

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The comment of the organization’s newcomer:

«I cannot express how excited I am to join Evil Geniuses! Becoming a part of such a competitive and highly respected team thrills me and I am looking very forward to all the things we will achieve together»

long time ago and Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy became triumphant of the competition. Also, CEO of Evil Geniuses Peter «PPD» Dager took part in the competition, however, he could not achieve the desired results.