FC «New-York City» enters eSports scene

The representatives of FC «New-York City» have informed about the FIFA player Christopher Holly to join their ranks, he will protect the colors of the football club at the international scene. Christopher’s duties include the creation of different content, the active streaming and the participation in show matches against club’s fans together with players of the football roster. The FIFA player has been playing FIFA for 12 years and trains 4 hours every day.

The comment of Christopher Holly:

«It is a great honor for me to represent this football club. This is the chance of all my life, I am very excited and waiting for future. I’ve never thought that such thing can happen, so when representatives of the club got in touch with me, I was simply shocked. I think that there are few great players in the football club «New-York City», for example, such as Andrea Pirlo and David Villa. These are players that I followed when I was younger and now they are playing in MLS and in New-York and it’s cool.»