Dynamo Kyiv eSports hasn’t paid salaries to the cybersportsman

One of FIFA players, that represent Dynamo Kyiv eSports, Ruslan «Ruha» Soroka accused the organization in the nonpayment of salaries.

He signed a contract with the football club in July 2017 and became the second FIFA player in the organization. Previously, Dynamo Kyiv eSports signed Vitalii «labotryas» Muha.

Three months later, Ruslan published a video on his YouTube channel, in which he told that had left Dynamo Kyiv eSports. As a reason, he called the football club’s non-compliance with terms of the contract that had not been paying salary to the player for two months and had ignored the cyber-sportsman. It is worth to notice that Ruslan had no right to earn money on advertisements in YouTube due to terms of the contract and this means that a salary in Dynamo Kyiv eSports was the only source of income for Ruslan Soroka.