The Great Purge - PUBG Mobile Developers Blocked Over 800,000 Cheaters In A Week

Information has appeared in social networks from the developers of PUBG Mobile that the creators continue to fight against players who are not adherents of a fair fight. As a result, in the period from May 28 to June 3, more than 800,000 users were banned who had special cheating software that gave them superiority over honest players.

The third part of such players fell on the "Bronze" rank. Among the highest rank "Conqueror" was only 1% of such users. Auto aim was used by 28% of players, and 26% of players preferred X-ray vision, which allows them to see their opponents through walls. Another 14% used a speedhack to achieve their goals.

The developers of Free Fire, another famous mobile battle royale, also reported on the work done. They blocked about a million accounts that used illegal software.