Sony officially unveils new DualSense colors

Sony has officially unveiled the new DualSense colorways. In a new post on the Official PlayStation Blog, Sony has unveiled the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red for the first time. Midnight Black is designed in two different shades of black with light gray elements representing space through the night sky, while Cosmic Red is dominated by rich blacks and reds, inspired by the vibrant shades of reds found in many space photographs.

"Midnight Black and Cosmic Red have a subtle blue tint. It can still be seen in the original design of the DualSense wireless controller, so all three complement each other perfectly. The colors of the controller buttons and other elements have also been adapted to the new colors. Hopefully that the new colors will bring joy and admiration to our fans, " emphasized Satoshi Aoyagi.

New controller colors for PlayStation 5 will be available starting next month worldwide in retail stores. The exact release date will vary by location.

The DualSense controller differs significantly from previous gamepads, providing players with innovative features such as tactile feedback and adaptive triggers. But the changes affected not only the functions - the emphasized two-tone design was another feature that distinguishes the new controller from previous models.