Rumor: Sony is preparing new colors for DualSense

The network has information that Sony will soon introduce new color combinations for DualSense. Sony is gearing up to unveil Black/Gray and Red/Black DualSense, according to Spanish media portal Area Jugones, known for insights on the next free PS Plus subscription games.

The data comes to us from a source with internal contacts in the company and, in fact, the latter assure that Sony will very soon launch a DualSense variant with red and black colors and another model that will combine black and gray.

There is no official confirmation of the information yet. However, fans have been asking Sony for a long time to expand the color variation not only of the DualSense, but also of the PlayStation 5 itself. However, the appearance of new DualSense color variations makes sense, since the controller is currently only available in one version - white and gray.

It is reported that Sony will be introducing new DualSense colors soon. The cost and release date of the gamepads is still unknown, but it is likely that they will go on sale at a base price of $ 69.99.

Note that Sony introduced its DualSense controller back in April last year. The gamepad offers haptic feedback technology and adaptive triggers, one of the best features of Sony's next generation console.