Epic Games allegedly offered Sony money for the release of exclusives on the PC

Epic Games sent Sony an offer of $ 200 million. As part of the deal, Epic allegedly offered Sony money for the release of exclusives on the PC. Information about this appeared on the ResetEra portal, where they published the details of the trial between Epic and Apple.

This document is particularly interesting because it details the company's efforts to bring console exclusives to PC and more specifically to the Epic Games Store. It was about 4-6 Sony projects for its own console, and $ 200 million is a guaranteed amount that the Japanese corporation will receive, regardless of sales.

Most interesting is undoubtedly Sony's $ 200 million offer to release 4 to 6 of its PlayStation exclusives on PC as (presumably) Epic Games Store exclusives. Sony did start giving away some of the PC exclusives, but so far none of the big games have had exclusive deals with Epic. Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone are currently available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Note that now only Predator: Hunting Grounds and ReadySet Heroes have been released as Epic Games Store exclusives, although both games were released long before this document was written, making it unlikely that they could be part of a proposal.

To clarify, the $ 200 million proposal appears to have been modeled on a "minimum guarantee" model. This means Epic would, in effect, guarantee Sony $ 200 million in advance. However, Sony would still receive additional revenue only after Epic had recouped the sales.

Last but not least, the document ends with a mention of Nintendo IPs, although it simply states that the previous story shows that the company is not at all interested in seeing its games appear on other platforms.