Leaked: first footage of Battlefield 6 has appeared

Rumors about the imminent announcement of Battlefield 6 have literally flooded the network. Not surprisingly, with such close attention to the series, leaks will start sooner or later.

Several frames at once, presumably from the BF6 trailer, float on the net. You can see them below.

Leaked: First footage of Battlefield 6 has arrived. Photo 1
Leaked: First footage of Battlefield 6 has arrived. Photo 2

There is no confirmation of the authenticity of the frames, but they clearly correspond to the previously appeared information about the game. In the screenshots, we see fairly large-scale locations with large objects like a cosmodrome.

It is easy to imagine that this is one or more multiplayer maps. According to the developers themselves, the sixth part of Battlefield will demonstrate a previously unseen scale, which will certainly become the hallmark of the game.

As it became known earlier, the show of Battlefield 6 may take place this month. All that remains now is to wait for the coming news from EA and DICE.