Titanfall 2 fans set a new record for the number of concurrent users

The gaming community can work wonders. Last week, Titanfall 2 fans staged a spontaneous flash mob: they invited everyone to play the game at the same time in order to show their dedication to the brainchild of Respawn.

The developers themselves did not stand aside, and therefore launched a free weekend in Titanfall 2. The enthusiasts' plan worked, and the game broke the record for the number of concurrent users.

At its peak, Titanfall 2 was played by 27.5 players. These statistics were shared by the SteamDB service.

By the way, this should draw attention to tomorrow's start of a new season in Apex Legends Battle Royale, which takes place in the Titanfall universe. There, Valkyrie, the daughter of Viper, who acts as one of the bosses of Titanfall 2, makes her debut.