On the E3 2021 without Konami

Konami representatives announced on the company's official Twitter that they would be skipping the annual exhibition in 2021. The reason for this was the timing of the production of projects.

At E3 2021 without Konami. Photo 1

As stated by Konami themselves, “they are in the midst of producing several key projects” that will definitely not be ready until E3. Therefore, the Japanese do not want to appear at the conference empty-handed.

However, the absence of Konami at a large-scale event does not mean that fans of the company's games will be left with nothing. This year we will see at least a new PES, and the long-awaited announcement of the new Silent is likely to take place.

According to various rumors, the production of the second has gone far, but no details are available. We are looking forward to the summer of 2021 and look forward to showing a new game from the beloved series.