Rumor: preparing a remaster of The Last of Us for PS5

According to the information provided by journalist Jason Schreier in the investigation for Bloomberg, Sony is preparing a remaster of The Last of Us for the PlayStation 5.

The investigation notes that work on the update began three years ago. Then the little-known studio Visual Arts Service Group, specializing in the modernization of Sony products, expressed a desire to independently release an updated version of the hit for the PlayStation 5. Already in 2019, the studio prepared a full-fledged prototype. However, the management of the corporation curtailed the work, rejecting the project.

Following this story, Sony decided to hand the project over to Naughty Dog, making Visual Arts Service a backing studio again. This did not suit the Visual Arts team - as a result, most of the developers responsible for the remaster left the company. Nevertheless, as noted by Jason Schreier, the remake project was not abandoned - work on its release continues now.

It is possible that the remake will see the light of day in the coming years, as Sony intends to focus its efforts on exclusives.