Rumor: In the near future, the cost of new generation consoles will increase

It is reported that in the near future, the cost of electronics, including PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, may increase. This is reported by The Guardian.

The main reason is the lack of semiconductors, due to which there is already a large shortage of new generation consoles on the market. It was expected that the situation will return to normal in early 2021, however, now it has only gotten worse. Initially, difficulties arose due to the suspension of production and delays in deliveries associated with the coronavirus pandemic, but later changed consumer habits and increased demand for goods became the source of problems. According to the journalists of the publication, large corporations, such as Ford and Honda, are forced to reduce their production, while the release of new smartphones from Apple and Samsung has been postponed due to the negligible production volume. When it comes to consoles, Sony and Microsoft are struggling to keep up with the demands of the market.

The construction of new semiconductor factories is expected to take up to two years. Prior to this, the lack of parts is predicted to be felt more and more acutely and will lead to a sharp rise in the price of electronic devices.