Media: Microsoft to hold special presentation to mark merger with ZeniMax on March 11

The other day, well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb said that Microsoft is preparing some kind of event on the occasion of the successful completion of the deal with ZeniMax. Yesterday Grubb spoke even more about the upcoming event in the material for VentureBeat.

According to the journalist, Microsoft will hold the event already on March 11, but one should not expect big announcements there. The upcoming show will focus on local news and highlight the importance of the deal for Xbox Game Pass users.

However, there will still be time for the announcement of new games. In the same article, it is reported that the summer of 2021 was spotted to show future projects Microsoft.

Finally, at the March 11 event, players can get their hands on what is arguably the biggest question about the ZeniMax merger. Will future games from Bethesda and other internal studios become Microsoft exclusives, or will they still be available on other platforms?

We can find out the answer to this question and not only in a few days. True, for this you need to wait for the official statement of Microsoft itself.