Chaos Theory Event Coming to Apex Legends

Only the Apex Legends Battle Royale audience has moved away from the grand anniversary celebrations as Respawn prepares for its next themed event. The main character of "Chaos Theory" will be Caustic.

The first innovation in Chaos Theory will be the Ring of Fury mode. In it, players are waiting for ring flares throughout the map, which will help to survive with new heat shields.

Also, players will be asked to "become experimental in an unhealthy experiment." For this, a new Caustic location will be added, in which the aforementioned experiment will take place.

Of course, the event will not do without cosmetic items. As before, the store will sell 24 limited customization items and there you can also get a new relic for Bangalore "Cold Steel" by purchasing all 24 items from the assortment.

The event will take place from March 9 to 23. It also coincides with the release of Apex on Switch.