Sony wants to patent technology that turns bananas into controllers

Nowadays, tech companies are investing more and more in developing controllers that offer new features and some never-before-seen technologies designed to drive the video game industry.

Sony is definitely one of those companies that are constantly trying to improve their controllers, as evidenced by the progress of the PlayStation 5 joystick.

As GamesIndustry notes, Sony recently filed a patent for technology that will allow players to use literally any passive object as a controller.

Some of the examples given in the patent application are mugs, pens, glasses, or even bananas, which are used in the example images accompanying the application.

Sony wants to patent technology that turns bananas into controllers. Photo 1

Sony says the idea is to help those players who only own one controller.

The technology works by using a camera that scans the object in the hands and finds its place in space, and allows the player to control the movement by moving the object in his hands. The camera can also be used to display virtual input buttons on an object, in which case players can press virtual buttons for additional control.

The patent application even mentions a two-object controller shown with two oranges that players can use in some games that require a separate controller for each hand.