Media: Verdansk from Call of Duty: Warzone will literally blow up

Looks like Activision is preparing a grand event for their battle royale. According to the sources of the VGC portal, in the second season of Warzone, Verdansk will change significantly.

During the season, a large-scale explosion will occur in the city, and the streets will be filled with zombies. The prerequisites for this have already appeared in the game itself.

The first hint was the Shipwreck location, where you can already fight zombies. The second hint is located near the Military Base location, where a bunker with a nuclear missile has opened.

In the plot, Seam will most likely be behind the potential explosion. By the way, all this can be watched live in the game itself.

Such an event will take place for a reason. The fact is that Activision wants to give Warzone the "aesthetics" of Black Ops, which may mean transferring the game to the engine of the latest numbered part of CoD.