Intel Closes Performance Tuning Protection Plan

Intel has closed the Performance Tuning Protection Plan, which is expanding its warranty coverage for processor overclocking damage. Information about this appeared on the official website of the company.

Intel's standard warranty does not cover hardware failures caused by CPU overclocking. However, with the Performance Tuning Protection Plan for $ 20-30, users could get a one-time chip replacement from the manufacturer, even if it was damaged during overclocking.

Intel ended its support for the Performance Tuning Protection Plan effective March 1. According to company representatives, users "began to overclock processors more confidently," so the program was no longer needed. Obligations that have already been completed will continue to apply. The manufacturer also noted that the guarantee of the premium Xeon W-3175X chip worth $ 3 thousand still covers the risks of overclocking.

Intel will also continue to focus on supplying flexible overclocking processors such as the Intel Performance Maximizer and Intel XTU. Note that Intel's standard warranty does not cover damage resulting from overclocking on unlocked models.