E3 2021 officially canceled

If you had any long-standing doubts at all, then E3 2021 will not take place in its traditional form. The news comes directly from the Los Angeles Convention Council and the Tourism Development Commission, which oversees the California city's activities. A recent ruling banned the annual E3 2021 exhibition offline.

This means that we will witness live broadcasts from Los Angeles and the convention center of the city. However, as such, there will be no actual conference for the public or even the press.

This is in line with previous rumors of an online event running for four days. ESA is reportedly in talks with publishers to organize a preview day, awards show and main sessions. Broadcasts should be twelve hours each day.

However, this is not official - ESA has said that they will soon provide an update on what E3 2021 will actually be made of.

But one thing is certain. Jeff Keighley will not be competing in E3 2021 - instead, he will focus on the second Summer Game Fest.