Rumor: Bethesda is preparing to release a new game as early as 2021

Bethesda plans to release the sci-fi RPG Starfield by the end of 2021, according to NateDrake. Note that the post appeared on the ResetEra forum during a discussion of an upcoming event from Microsoft and Bethesda.

Currently, Microsoft and Bethesda are discussing the final details of the upcoming deal, according to which the studio will go under the auspices of Microsoft. However, Microsoft is planning a special show after the completion of the Bethesda purchase. It was during the discussion of this event that NateDrake noted that the developer of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout hopes to release Starfield in 2021. However, he added that the development was heavily influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, but the release of the game is still scheduled for this year. NateDrake stressed that he cannot guarantee the veracity of his own information, since he received it several months ago.

Forum users noticed that Fallout 4 was released shortly after the announcement, like Fallout 76, so the possibility of a Starfield release in 2021 should not be dismissed. There are no details about the project at the moment: the head of the studio Todd Howard previously emphasized that Starfield will introduce a new approach to science fiction. Earlier on the network, users have found several screenshots, presumably related to the game. However, the release date for Starfield is still unknown.