Blizzard Arcade Collection can be announced today

It looks like Blizzard is announcing a collection of retro games called Blizzard Arcade Collection during BlizzConline. His release is hinted at by the age rating, which was assigned to him by the European agency PEGi.

If the information turns out to be true, then we will be rethinking several classic Blizzard games at once. Of course we are talking about Lost Vikings, Rock & Roll Racing and Blackthorne.

In any case, it is worth waiting for the official announcement (if any) for confirmation or information. This could happen today, during the first day of BlizzConline.

In addition to the aforementioned games, a lot more interesting things can be announced on the show. Potentially we will be shown the Burning Crusade add-on for World of Warcraft Classic, Diablo II remaster and more.