A free update is being prepared for Civilization VI

Firaxis Games continues to actively support its massive turn-based strategy game Side Meier's Civilization VI. Recently, the developers told and showed what awaits the players in the near future.

The main innovation in the February expansion will be the Barbarian Clans mode. It will greatly expand the capabilities of barbarians controlled by piece intelligence.

In the new mode, players will be allowed to interact with barbarians. They can be recruited into the army, negotiated, set on enemies, and so on.

Also barbarians will acquire more identity. There will be 6 clans in total, each of which lives according to its own traditions.

Depending on the belonging of the barbarians to a particular clan, their settlement changes. So, for example, the mountaineers live near the hills, and the nomads - near the horses.

A free update with the new mode will hit the game on February 25th. By the way, the April update will be the last free update of the season, but Firaxis will tell about it later.