Ninja is back on Twitch

Renowned game streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins has officially returned to Twitch. In social networks, the 29-year-old American announced that he had started working with Twitch again. Previously, he left to stream on Mixer, which Microsoft intended as a direct competitor to Twitch. As a result, at the end of June, this platform was closed, and Ninja tried to do broadcasts on both Twitch and YouTube. It is worth noting that he managed to gather more viewers at the latter than at all the usual king of streaming.

It is noteworthy that Ninja's formation as a streamer happened on Twith. Before leaving Mixer, he was the most watched streamer, with 14,500,000+ subscribers and over 437,000,000 views. According to media estimates, Ninja's switch to Mixer cost the creators of the latter $ 20,000,000- $ 30,000,000. Together with Ninja, other popular streamers such as shroud and others also moved to the streaming platform from Microsoft.