Google dropped involvement in case between Epic Games and Apple

Due to some of the nuances that both game market have when installing applications, Google is asking the court not to involve them in the case that is being listened to in the dispute between Epic Games and Apple. Prior to this, the judge, who is considering the ongoing lawsuit, proposed to combine the Apple and Google cases, since in her opinion they are similar to each other, but the lawyers representing the parties to Google categorically disagreed.

There really is a difference between the stores and it is significant. If, in the case of Apple, device owners cannot install the application on their mobile devices after Fortnite leaves the market, then in the case of Android devices, users can download the game from Epic Games from side resources and install it. Android supports the function of installing applications from any source, while the owners of Apple phones do not have this option.

As a reminder, Epic Games decided to add a feature to Fortnite on August 13th that allowed users to bypass the App Store. She helped save players their cash and buy 1000 V-bucks not for $ 9.99, but for $ 7.99.