PUBG Corp. want to self-publish PUBG Mobile in India

The Indian government recently blocked PUBG Mobile, formerly published by Tencent. PUBG Corp. announced on their official website that they will no longer resort to Tencent's help, but will sell the game on their own. The reason for blocking the battle royale from PUBG Corp. became the desire of the authorities to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

The Government of India has announced that it is collecting user information through mobile games and other applications and sending them out of the country. PUBG Corp. understand the position of the Indian authorities and hope for the opportunity to agree with the government on changes in the conditions of the game for its further dissemination.

Tencent was banned because its headquarters are located in China, and India has blocked more than a hundred Chinese applications. Unlike this company, PUBG Corp. are located in South Korea, and therefore it will be much easier for them to get the application published in India. Despite PUBG Corp.'s optimism, analysts are skeptical about their chances of restoring the game in stores for Indian mobile gamers, as Tencent moved all player data to India's servers, but PUBG Mobile decided to ban it anyway.

Journalists have suggested that the ban on games may be related to the aggravation of the conflict between India and China. Both countries claim to own the Aksaychin territory, located on the border between the states. Because of this, Chinese applications can be considered spyware, which can collect a lot of information without the knowledge of users.