Xbox Series S Announced

For months, the silence finally ended. Microsoft was the first to name the price of its next-generation console.

And the company did it after the next leak. Thurrott and anonymous Twitter users posted images of the Xbox Series S. In addition to the Series S images, they also named the price of the console, as well as the release date. Of course, they did not forget about the Xbox Series X. The information was confirmed by Windows Central.

The Xbox Series S will retail for $ 299 and the Xbox Series X at $ 499. Both consoles will go on sale November 10th. The rumor could be considered another fortune-telling on the coffee grounds, if not for one thing, but: Microsoft themselves confirmed the information on the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S Announced Photo 1

On their Twitter account, they named it the smallest console in Xbox history. The company has promised more details very soon. It is highly likely that Phill Spencer and company are referring to the full announcement of the Xbox Series X by the phrase "more details".