In-game ads in UFC 4 was removed

EA recently revealed what UFC 4 will look like during gameplay. Many fans of the octagon fights simulator were not satisfied with the appearance of ads right during the game at the bottom of the screen above the health and time bar. In addition, commercials were also made during the frame transitions between gameplay and cinematic replays. A thread was created on the reddit forum where users discussed this issue. The thread got 100,000 upvotes. After users started to complain about this "innovation", EA revealed that they removed this element from the game.

According to EA, the developers of Ultimate Fighting Championship 4 want to provide players with the best gaming experience, but users do not agree that non-retractable ads during this very gaming experience fit this definition.

On September 5th, players noticed that a banner for the Boys series from Amazon appeared in the game. His pokah, by the way, started the day before the presentation of the gameplay video. Users said that a $ 60 game shouldn't have ads that can't be played. The creators of the game brought their changes for the inconvenience caused.