New Baldur's Gate III Details

Baldur's Gate III developers from Larian Studios gave a presentation yesterday on the upcoming isometric RPG. The main news of the event was the release date for Baldur's Gate in Early Access. The game will appear on Steam and Stadia on September 30 this year.

In addition to the release date, a lot of gameplay details were shown, and the plot of the game was also touched upon. The first act will be available to players in early access. The developers promise more than 20 hours of gameplay. You can experiment with your avatar in the character editor. Some playable races will also be available there.

In early access, you can upgrade your hero to level 4. This will be done both alone and with other players. They promise to add a multiplayer a little later.

The authors of the game from Larian assure that there will be enough content in the early access. Compared to their other hit, Divinity: Original Sin 2, only the lines of dialogue in Baldur's Gate III will double. Roughly the same proportions will remain with all other content.

The plot was also touched upon. The hero finds himself in Avernus, the local analogue of Hell. There he will have to cope with the damage of various evil spirits. Another problem for the heroes will be Illithids, who will slowly but surely drive them crazy, devouring their minds.